an open, simple, self-hosted web highliter & annotator

setup & usage

  1. Clone the daemon &
    go build
  2. Setup a
    conforming to this shape
    • will be expected in the same directory as the daemon, or its path may be directly specified with the
    • the local data store path may also be set via the
      environment variable
  3. Run the daemon persistently
    • specific method is generally a matter of strong opinion & so is left as an excercise to the reader (fwiw, I just use
  4. Install the extension:
    • click for Firefox (it is signed by Mozilla but self-distributed, so expect permission dialogs to appear); may also be directly loaded via
    • Chrome must still be loaded in developer mode via these instructions (note the "Load Unpacked" screenshot)
    • The linked
      for Firefox is just a
      file with a different extension, so you may extract & use that for Chrome as well
  5. Open the extension's options and:
    • add your backend
    • enable at least one output format
  6. You're setup! Go to any site and:
    • Select text and click the icon that appears in the top-left of the page
    • Right-click an image or video to annotate it directly
    • Click the browser bar to annotate an entire page
  7. Right-click the browser bar icon and select "Search..." to search your highlites (new in
    0.2.3 / 20210320
  8. Find your highlites & annotations in the local data directory!